ΔYa-shaΔ 1/20


Hello from the Ethernal. We are working with artist Komiyama Takashi again on a pixel art collection: Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes. This is the fifth (and last) in the collection. A Ya-sha ninja lurks in the dark, waiting for a definitive attack.

Based on the Ethernal hero classes, we are releasing a total of 5 artworks: a new limited artwork every 14 days. Each artwork will have a maximum of 20 art tokens.

Each token comes with: High-resolution JPEG and animated GIF files + Original sketch + Mobile wallpapers. Collect all five tokens to receive special high-resolution JPEG and animated GIF files with all the heroes in portrait and landscape views.

After you purchase the art token, email [email protected] with the address that owns the token to receive the bundle.

Collection: Ethernal

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