⚔️ Airdrop Hunters – Crypto Pixel Cards no. 6

⚔️ Airdrop Hunters “Fan Edition Card”

Crypto developers generally want as many people to use their token as possible to spread awareness and expand their network, so they often give out free tokens just for claiming them. This is often as simple as providing your email address or likes on social media in exchange for free tokens that may one day be worth a fortune — imagine claiming the airdrop tokens of a future top ten cryptocurrency!

Sometimes there are a few more hoops to jump through and people are required to enroll other airdrop hunters for rewards or claim tokens every hour via telegram, which can be quite time-consuming.
While some airdrops have paid out hundreds of dollars at a time, they pay less on average than bounties meaning it’s necessary to claim from as many quality projects as possible and avoid dud tokens that can be multiplied beyond the hard cap or that will simply die shortly after receiving them.
Following so many projects means monitoring a lot of different personal accounts, projects, open tabs, and assigned airdrop tasks.

Xta Pixel Cards™

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