005c – HoxxoH – “Portal 005” – Edition of 15 – {Paired with an Infinite Object}

005c – HoxxoH – “Portal 005” – Edition of 15 – {Paired with an Infinite Object}


“Portal 005”
by HoxxoH

Douglas “HoxxoH” Hoekzema—part machine, part mad-scientist. Weaving his paints in and out like a human-loom, he uses logarithmic spirals to chronicle the passage of time and the universal parallels between control and chaos. HoxxoH references the spiritual, natural, and instinctual pull toward balance; meeting two polar opposites in the middle to discover their inevitable likeness. With restraint being an ever-present key to his practice, HoxxoH actively participates as a module in the grander system, consciously pushing his patterns and designs to the point of synergetic equilibrium.

An Infinite Object is a permanently treated display – what we call a Video Print. No apps, no fussy configuration; just one video, looping forever. You are not buying a gadget, you are collecting a moving image. Infinite Objects hold video playing in a perpetual loop, delivering the same experience as art prints or photographs, in a beautiful 7” display, framed in modern acrylic

Those that purchase this limited edition NFT paired with an IO, will be connected with Infinite Objects for a direct shipment to your home.

Collection: Superchief Gallery NFT

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