#22 In Cash We Trust – CÉSAR MARCÉN for Exquisite Workers

It has been a year we create the Exquisite Corpse on Instagram among hundreds of very talented emerging and established digital artists. Exquisite Corpse (from the original French term “cadavre exquis”) was a game played among the greatest Surrealists and major Dada figures. Each participant took turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper folding it to conceal their contribution, and then passing to the next player for the further contribution. We post the super designs by contemporary illustrators in a shape of a snake online, on @exquisiteworkers. Today we celebrate a 1 year anniversary of the project by launching our first outstanding NFT’s crafted by 505 amazing Earth artists from 50 different countries. To do so, on the 1st of May, 2021 we have landed on the smallest and closest planet to the Sun and will reveal 3 premium illustrations per day. You are invited!

We are very glad to have César Marcén on board.

A fine arts graduate in Barcelona, César Marcén approaches his artistic projects from an ironic and surreal perspective. Among his work we can find typography art, epic portraits and drawings representing the apocalyptic scenes which seem to come from a dream world. His light and expressive brushwork glides across the page, recreating the human or animal form with an inherent elegance. A lover of Indie comics and experimental electronic music, he finds joy in a digital drawing. His most notable graphic references range from Katsuhiro Otomo, James Jean and Daniel Richter to classic figures such as Albrecht Dürer and El Bosco. César is currently working as a graphic manager in a high-end fashion brand in Barcelona.

NFT properties: 2480×2480 JPG. Physical token included. Unique Edition.

For more visit us on Earth and check the special conditions to be entered into a draw: www.exquisiteworkers.com

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By bidding on, purchasing or otherwise obtaining a blockchain-based non-fungible token created by Exquisite Workers, LLC, you are agreeing to the Exquisite Workers NFT Terms available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bY93KjiU-NYJG2X0NJa1dknKutUmEcNo/view

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