225 litre Barrel of Angelus 2020 & Château Angélus Bell

Commemorating the release of Bordeaux En Primeur, 2020 (wine advocate 98-100), the one-of-a-kind digital artwork features a 3D animated depiction of the iconic Chateau Angélus bells, the emblem of the estate featured on wine labels and from which the winery takes its name. The intricate design showcases the famous Saint-Émilion bell tower in extraordinary 3D detail, down to the engravings around the circumference of the bell and the strike of the hammer that elicits the actual sound of the Chateau Angélus bells ringing.

The NFT will give the buyer the right to ownership of barrel of Chateau Angelus 2020 Bordeaux En Primeur and once in a lifetime experiences to ‘follow’ the wine during the two-year ageing process.

NFT perks include:

1 barrel of Chateau Angelus 2020 Bordeaux En Primeur (225 litres equivalent to 300 x 75cl bottles) – current market price @ $2,200 per case of 6 x 50 cases = $110,000

A virtual tasting with Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, Chateau Angélus CEO and Co-Owner

A VIP experience during harvest 2021, including a personal wine pairing and cooking class with doubly appointed Michelin star Chef Alexandre Baumard at the celebrated ‘Le Logis de la Cadène’ in Saint-Émilion and renowned ‘Le Gabriel’ in Bordeaux

A stay at the renowned Logis de Cadene during the bottling of the 2020 vintage with a celebratory dinner hosted by Tom Gearing, Cult Wines CEO and Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal at Chateau Angélus

Following the bottling, Cult Wines will take collection of the wine on the buyer’s behalf, storing it in the brand’s bonded, fully ensured warehouse that has been optimised for wine storage by carefully regulating temperature, humidity and other microclimatic factors

*Format choice subject to availability and approval by Chateau Angelus

You must be holding this NFT at a future date to take part in the winery experiences and Cult Wines wine storage, care, and preservation.

Collection: Cult Wines Collection

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