#A58 Mining at low cost, see description, 1st NFT Cryptocurrency -> CryptoCoin 1 NEther “S/N: A58”

Note: Don’t miss the fun story below!

Latest important news (Congratulations! The collection has been reviewed and approved by OpenSea). All what you want to know about this new NFT Cryptocurrency is well described in the website:


Otherwise, fell free to continue reading this description 🙂

Special Bundles to save gas can be ordered directly from the website, don’t miss the current offers in the occasion of the new website! Special Serial Numbers : 10, 20, 30… or 11, 22, 33,… will be for auction soon.

What is this?

It’s the 1st Cryptocurrency available on NFT market you can start mining right now. It’s called NFT Ether = NEther = NETH

How will it work?

It will start as any Cryptocurrency by mining at lowest cost, and cost of mining will increase by time as well as the value of it will increase by time too.

Mining = Buying!

By buying 1, 2 or 5 NETH, you will allow to mint this currency on the same blockchain of ETH, same as any NFT or ETH and you will register your ownership of this crypto amount.

The cap (amount of currency) of NETH = the cap of (ETH), So it’s limited resources, by time its value will be increased…

It started at NETH = 0.01 ETH

Now: NETH = 0.02 ETH

Note: Special serial numbers will have auction for higher values.

Don’t miss the chance of this very low mining cost, its value will be changed/increased in any time with any value exactly as any Cryptocurrency.

Will its value reach ETH?

This question is for you as a part of this community, if you invest and recommend your friends and relatives to invest, by increasing the number of people that will increase its value and bring more profit to you and your friends 🙂

But remember, it’s the first NFT Cryptocurrency, so the expectation is even higher than ETH in the future.

Now, please keep reading to enjoy the story of the design and its details…


Mystery Story: In 2569 BC, The pharaoh king of the old kingdom “Khufu” discovered a strange sign on the top of the Greatest Pyramid in “Giza” as shown in the back of this coin. The king seemed skeptical about this mysterious sign and he ordered his guards to investigate this situation.

To be continued…

Note: Please check the design of CryptoCoin “2 NEther” to continue the story…


Description: This masterpiece is the 1st design of Cryptocurrency available in NFTs market for people to deal with today, signed by the first designer of first NFTs Cryptocurrency.

It’s designed as a mix between the history and the future with the joy of a story of fantasy 🙂

Every coin is one of the kind that has its unique serial number. Beside Ethereum it is written the year when it’s minted in both decimal and binary systems. The characters in the back of the coin matches the value of it.


Animation: it’s designed in a way to show you first the overview of the coin by a quick rotation and then stops in each side of the coin for 2s to allow you to have a deep look at its details.


Thank you very much for viewing, reading and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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