AUTOCONSCIENCIA #08: Rembrandt van Rijn NFT

*“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”*
―Oscar Wilde

AUTOCONSCIENCIA is the third series by the deep learning animation project Second Renaissance, and this work is base on a self-portrait by [Rembrandt van Rijn]( Every item of this series is minted only once. More on this series:

* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #01: Claude Monet
* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #02: Frida Kahlo
* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #03: Gustave Courbet
* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #04: Élisabeth Louise
* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #05: J. M. W. Turner
* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #06: Marie-Gabrielle Capet
* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #07: Pablo Picasso
* **AUTOCONSCIENCIA #08: Rembrandt van Rijn**
* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #09: Sabine Lepsius
* AUTOCONSCIENCIA #10: Vincent van Gogh

Collection: Second Renaissance

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