Chad Resist

We have created The Resistance Collection containing 5 NFTs, cataloged at OpenSea, to commemorate day 3 of our on-chain resistance movement against the centralized exchange monopolies.

In our first 2 days, we drew 250 new twitter students ready to rally behind us, and most notably 150+ resistors in discord HQ of which 17 were impassioned to rise and serve as Integral Heroes.

They show great passion, and are curious and humble. They come from backgrounds just like you and me. We must remember that Chads come in all forms: from heavy DEX traders and farmers, to crypto evangelists, devs, mathematicians, students, and even everyday Chads.

Let’s show the centralized exchange monopolies that Chads can and will resist. Calling all Chads, come take this chance to own a piece of YOUR on-chain resistance.

In accordance with our BFS principles, 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go into a multi-sig wallet that is controlled by our Integral Heroes. The core team will not participate in the multi-sig. This gives our Heroes an independent financial war chest to advance our movement in whichever way they want. This is our first real step towards governance decentralization.

Disclosure: the NFT may be worth $0.
If you are a US retail person, please do not participate in the bidding.

Collection: The Resistance Collection

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