Circles – VR Exhibition

This NFT has unlockable
assets for

Mikko Lyytinen’s
virtual exhibition

VR gallery assets*,texts, images and soundtrack.

Bonus material
Press material for the original exhibition
a video clip compilation from painting process

The images of paintings included should not be displayed on their own outside of the gallery, this VR exhibition is intended to be experienced as a whole.
Any of the material included should not be sold separately

*Note: This NFT does not include the vr framework or other online assets referenced in the source code that are required for the gallery work. This is not a standalone experience and assembly may be required by the user to make it work on its own. It is recommended to point to the online galleries below. it is not guaranteed that the gallery will remain available if these online dependencies cease to exist. It can be reconstructed by the owner from the code if that should happen.
At the moment of the creation, the gallery can be viewed online
for desktop and VR
for the mobile

There may be need to apply changes to these online version making them different from the version that is contained in the IPFS file.

Mikko Lyytinen’s CIrcles (Kehät in Finnish) was intended to be a physical exhibition but with the situation with COVID9 it was made to be available as virtual exhibition instead.

Circles is a series of four abstract oil paintings, that deals with themes of loss, letting go, new beginnings and new meanings. The paintings form a group of certain kind of archetypes which together create a tacit story arc.
Circles continues the lineage of Lyytinen’s previous exhibition Cold Mirror, that was also based heavily on color experience. Behind the works there is a strong spiritual and conceptual dimension, that begins with the process of mixing of the paints from raw pigments, signifying taking ownership of personal experience and its transformation into a shareable healing resource. The name, Circles points to the many cycles of life. The idea for it existed before the spread of coronavirus – which was named after the gas circle surrounding the Sun, but it naturally grew to become part of the meanings.
Especially the first work of the series, that is based on my own mourning experience is intended as offering of condolences for all who suffered losses during this pandemic. The following works, Ancient Rower, which draws from celtic mythology and The Foundling, which got its name from the recent popular TV-series The Mandalorian, lead towards inner light in the last piece of the series, King of the Sun. The works were created especially with the black walls of the gallery in mind so the virtual gallery follows suit.

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