Coin’s E-Den Cosplay Crypto Puzzle 18/20

Cosplay Crypto-Puzzle Presale 18/20

TL;DR 1) The first owner of this NFT will receive $COIN prior to token launch 2) NFT will be updated with a new promotional image alongside the $COIN token launch 3) The promotional image update will include a cryptopuzzle 4) The solver of the cryptopuzzle must own the NFT in order to claim the prize

I have minted a series of NFTs as another social experiment. Currently the artwork features a concept character from Neon District, an upcoming cyberpunk video game. I wanted to try to do at least one cosplay & cryptopuzzle experiment, but it turns out cosplay is an expensive hobby! So, I will be using funds from this presale to construct a cyberpunk outfit to cosplay, as I begin to play around with ideas of my in-game boss character associated with my Neon District Syndicate, Coin’s E-Den.

I will be releasing this image to coincide with the $COIN token launch on Niftex in about two weeks. I will also be putting these funds towards the $COIN liquidity pool. Once I have the images from the photoshoot, I will be updating these NFTs with the cosplay photo.

The first NFT owner will receive 347 $COIN*. The updated image will include a cryptopuzzle with a prize of 3470 $COIN. The solver will need to be a token owner in order to claim the prize via token controlled access.

*Due to the current token lock-up in effect, the $COIN will be distributed in about 2 weeks, and prior to the token launch on the exchange.

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What is a Crypto Puzzle?

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