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Officer Banana doesn’t care about any war but, since he’s in the army, he needs to try to fit in. All he wants to do is drink beer all day and make his colleagues have fun at the bar.

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This Guinea Pig name is Walter Moore. Her Job Outside of army is: Geologist. Her Main feelings is life is : Adoration,Boredom,Sexual desire. Her Grade in Army is :Private

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We are immortalising the soldiers of the Doge Army with our exclusive collection of Slumdoge Billionaire NFTs. From over a billion possible combinations only 10k will ever make it to the real world each with its own unique set of…

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Beatles Peace, 1967/2021 – NFT – A/P 2/14

– Beatles Peace, 1967/2021 – Digital NFT – Artists Proof Edition – 2/14 – On behalf of Venice Modern Art, ViCA is proud to present this NFT Edition of Beatles art limited to only 50 + 14 A/P (Artist Proofs)…

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Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy (sometimes called Helen of Sparta) is a figure from Greek mythology whose elopement with (or abduction by) the Trojan prince Paris sparked off the Trojan War. Helen, considered the most beautiful woman in the world, was the…

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Big Trouble in Māo Māo City NFT

The origins of Māo Māo City are lost to pre-history, before rough tongues could speak, before our claws would carve these marble idols, when humans were our masters. This much we know. Some say once cats were worshipped as gods,…

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