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Momentum #74

A day that starts with a smile will undoubtedly be successful. But what if we combine your good mood with a flight of imagination? Inspired by nature this composition celebrates its matchless beauty and unsurpassed variety: a blue sea, dark…

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Quinn “Indigital” Hopkins – 1 of 1: “Woodland WhaleShark”

“The Indigital Whale Shark profile picture features the organic 3D woodland style that Quinn has been developing over the past few months and a unique beaded top hat that showcases native beadwork as an ode to the artist’s culture. On…

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Da Bomb by Norman O’Flynn

Da Bomb by Norman O’Flynn The winning bidder will receive the original painting that this GIF is based on. Contact [email protected] for more information. Size: 150cm x 100cm / 59 x 39 inches Medium: Acrylic paint on acrylic glass Year:…

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