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Who Shot Andy Warhol?

“Who Shot Andy Warhol” 1-of-1 NFT unlocks the high resolution digital file and is accompanied by the unaltered, 8 x 10 photograph in it’s current condition. THE STORY: Between 1979-1984, the New York City art scene was in full swing,…

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The Soul of Man Under Late Capitalism 65

An ongoing series of experiments with generative code art combined with occasional photomanipulation, collage and subtle and not-too-subtle political messaging. A homage to some of my early influences – the Constructivists and Suprematists (as well as the “grunge design/Swiss grit”…

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Tokyo Back Alley

Exploring the back alleys of Tokyo in the rain is one of my favorite hobbies, and this is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve managed to capture so far. It’s a real location, not a render. Collection: Foundation (FND)

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My Footsteps 4

I’ve traveled and painted these graffiti pieces on the walls in different countries different year. From the top right clockwise Blue wave hair Mimi.. Yaizu Shizuoka Japan 2021 March Rasta color hat Teddy bear.. Yaizu Shizuoka Japan 2008 January Red…

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Generic Store-Brand Apes – #19

// begin chat log LEAD ARTIST: So we’re bootlegging “Apes” now, not Punks? I don’t really understand — ISIS: You don’t need to “understand” what you’re drawing, just get the interns to draw me 10,000 monkeys by tomorrow so I…

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