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What is a meme?

A meme is an often humorous phrase, image, video, or concept that is shared widely on the Internet. As they are passed from person to person, they often evolve and change in the process. They are generally created with the…

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SpaceX Taco

Inspired by Elon Musk’s recent support for cryptocurrencies, his self-promoted meme of Elon carrying Doge as if he was in The Lion King, and the inevitable raise of Taconomics as the go-to stop for Tacoart. Mr Jebus imagined Elon Musk…

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CoinGecko x Sven Eberwein – Two Deformed Geckos

CoinGecko is collaborating with Sven Eberwein, a renowned crypto artist known for his works with $MEME, Foundation, and Refraction. ‘Two Deformed Geckos’ show Sven’s experimentation with the Gecko form and explores different abstract postures. The cartoonish abstraction of real objects…

NFT Overview
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