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#22 In Cash We Trust – CÉSAR MARCÉN for Exquisite Workers

It has been a year we create the Exquisite Corpse on Instagram among hundreds of very talented emerging and established digital artists. Exquisite Corpse (from the original French term “cadavre exquis”) was a game played among the greatest Surrealists and…

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StoryFire – Social Entertainment Platform

StoryFire is a publishing platform aiming to give Creators unique monetization tools, build collaborative audiences and publish censorship-free content. It’s a hybrid social-entertainment destination that combines elements of Twitter, Youtube, Wattpad and Patreon. The videos, written stories, music, podcasts and…

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THE OWNER OF THIS TOKEN ON MAY 1, 2021 will get a 1/1 signed print on metal of this painting. THE OWNER OF THIS TOKEN ON JUNE 1, 2021 will get the original painting. Yes, the same person could claim…

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#A73 Mining at low cost, see description, 1st NFT Cryptocurrency -> CryptoCoin 1 NEther “S/N: A73”

(Congratulations! The collection has been reviewed and approved by OpenSea). All what you want to know about this new NFT Cryptocurrency is well described in the website: []() And follow us on [Twitter]() to be updated with the latest news…

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Smokie: Multiverse Maker

“Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it.” ————————————- *Mission* Help build the multiverse by creating items that will be able to travel through…

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CryptoKate #79

Kates are healthcare professionals who are fighting for lives around the world! They are ordinary people, and living among us. Only 1000 Kates will be Dropped. All of them are Unique and algorithmically generated to match 74 variables. Every 100…

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