**The Concept**

@protostyle presents *CryptoQueen*: A collaboration between Artist and AI. *CQ-NFT* is the world’s first art project dedicated to recycling the digital waste of cryptocurrencies into art. *CQ-NFT* poses the questions:

• Is there be a relationship between NFT art value and waste digital assets repurposed within?

• Is it collecting art, or is it betting on the relationship of art to intrinsic value?

• How does speculative collecting and trading, encouraged with rewards for success, contribute to that value?

• Will the *Shitcoin Share* offer contribute to that value? If so, is that due to hyped consumer hope in the value of the coins, or a fear of missing out. And does value the value of meritless digital asset increase, or accelerate, once it is concurrently trading as both cryptocurrency and in the form of a collectible NFT?

**The Art**

In exploring new technologies as a means of production, communication and proliferation, *CQ-NFT* is a collection of unique NFTs built on data sets and images generated in the style of *La Calavera Catrina.*
Using those data sets, I added data layers from images of CryptoQueen Ruja Ignatova, selected shitcoin logos and statistics of crypto scams and, with the same AI tools, remodelled these skulls into the *CryptoQueen CQ-NFT* series, associating collection with a set nearly-worthless cryptocurrency coins: so-called shitcoins, and other pseudo-cryptocurrencies.

**The Collections**

9 collections of 9 original, single edition artworks

Each lot 9 NFTs consisting of 1 piece from each of the nine Collections

A new lot of 9 NFTs will be released every other week

These NFTs can be swapped for shitcoins

Each individual NFT is accompanied by a Collection Card with the same image, showing the reference to its collection and the associated coins

Collection Cards are traded separately and can not be redeemed for any *Shitcoin Share*

**The Shitcoin Share**

To determine interest in collective speculation and any possible relationship with shitcoin values, I am offering the *Shitcoin Share*: Millions of shitcoins in total will be accumulated from a share of any trading royalty revenues generated by the *CrpytoQueen* collections.

Any wallet holder who can provide first proof of ownership of a full set (01/X, 02/X, 03/X – … – 09/X) of the 9 original unique NFTs (not the Collection Cards) of any single *CQ-NFT* numbered collection will:

• Wallet transfer of 1/9th (an 11,111% share) of all *Shitcoin Share* coins

• An one-off personally minted NTF, signed by the Artist, commemorating the transactions

The *Shitcoin Share* targets to accumulate and distribute varying coin types. With each release I will announce the newly targeted shitcoins. The first release will cover 1,000,000 SafeMoon coins, the second 1,000,000 Shiba Inu and Rug Ethereum.

While the digital art itself may increase in value, no relationship or effect on the value of the currencies associated to the art project are represented: this relation of NFT art to currencies is seen as a bet on the relationship between art and value alone.

**The Art in Detail**

This unique, first-ever offering of „recycled“ digital currencies attached to an NFT artwork is intended to broaden awareness of the risks involved in the cryptocurrency space – and raise awareness of the reality that „new world“ approaches such as cryptocurrencies are just as open to corruption and crime as traditional systems of the „old world“.

Thanks to my friend and collaborator, Daniel Steeves (@esteves) business and blockchain specialist, who helped developing this project.

Collection: CryptoQueen CQ-NFT (2021)

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