DEAFBEEF Series 0: Synth Poems – Token 106

DEAFBEEF: Generative On-Chain Multimedia Art

The code and parameters to generate and reconstruct these multimedia files is stored on
the Ethereum blockchain.

Series 0 – Synth Poems – Token 106

Synth Poems are 1min generative audiovisual pieces using FM synthesis, and XY oscilloscope visualization. Each entirely generated unsupervised by a self contained code model, which is stored on chain.

Frequency Modulation(FM) is a method that was used in broadcasting radio signals, later discovered to be useful for audio synthesis allowing a simply way to generate rich harmonic timbres. The left and right stereo audio channels are mapped to the XY inputs of a (virtual) oscilloscope to produce a direct visualization of the audio waveform.

At the musical level, this generative algorithm plays with feedback to produce an evolving but balanced set of timbres and pitches. Across pieces, a carefully selected set of rules govern the variation of tempos, time signatures, (in)harmonicity resulting in individual pieces that are unique, while retaining a common theme.

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