Doge & Cryptopunk in CyberTruck #21/99

Year 2029. Doge and Cryptopunk, friends of long time, hang out together, in the night, drinking in bars and paying expensive strippers to have fun.
After the duo separates to return home, Cryptopunk notice that something is off, in the door of his villa. Rush inside the house, someone has clearly been there. But who? . Still confused, goes into the garage..
There is a brand new Cybertruck, with a handwritten note inside. It says “Please, take Doge and reach me, i am on Mars, it’s urgent. – Elon”. Cryptopunk starts the engines, take a smoke, and go pick up Doge.
When he arrives to Doge’s Mansion, the furry jumps in, look at Cryptopunk, and shows a letter of Elon, dangling from his mouth. They look each other, and Cryptopunk, while smoking, says: “Elon, we are coming”. What happened? Who broke into the house, and why? What it’s written in the letter in Doge’s mouth? ..continues..

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