Empyrean #306

Empyrean – an exploration of form modeled after the highest heaven, domain of the fifth element. Each piece is unique and has many different attributes such as size, line style, color scheme, and some other features you’ll have to discover. This piece is interactive, so mess around with your keyboard to find out what you can do. Additional project feature(s) => Size: Large, Line style: Loopy, Color scheme: Full spectrum, Moves: False, Color animation: N/A, Filled: True, Node style: Normal, Nodes filled: N/A, Possible node size: N/A, Node rotation: N/A, Start point node: N/A, Endpoint node: N/A, Line count: 125, Point count: 263, Border: False, Start points style: Use previous endpoint, Random endpoints: True, Noise increment: N/A, Noise magnitude: N/A, Noise resolution: N/A, Color animation speed: N/A, Max node rotation: N/A

Collection: Art Blocks Factory

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