Enfu Curio #003 Tablet: Mecha Set Kaiju

The Enfu Curio Collection

Enfu Curios are 4D portal tatebanko capsules. Composed from kinetic projections of an ideal world, specimens of hope occasionally become enshrined in these objects.
Enfu Curios come in 5 different rarities. Tablet, Sterling, Bullion, Relic, & Shard.

Tablet: Common (Edition Size 25)
Tablet Curios, mined by Asteroid Farmers and sent via telepathy projections back through space time, were discovered after millenia of dormancy under pressure from the weight of the colliding continents.
The gravitational pull of reality condenses these tablets into thin timeless tome tombs through tempering. Similar to pressed flowers and butterfly taxidermy, the nostalgia was bottled by killing it.

Upon possession of the Mecha Set Kaiju, the owner becomes imbued with the following stats:
+3 million gallons of fossil fuel
+333 drunken missiles
+3000kg kaiju next to you

Collection: Rarible

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