Farzin (Isekai)

On Darsia, Farzin is the strongest, bravest, and most well-known guild master. His phenomenal combat skills earned him the title of “The Hero of All Time”. Farzin continues to seek power to become the most mighty warrior and save the world. Legends say that he has the might of an entire army, a living fear of all villians. In addition to his combative abilities, Farzin has proven himself to be a master of battlefield strategy. (在Darsia上,法神(Farzin)是最強大,最勇敢和最著名的行會大師。 他非凡的戰鬥技巧為他贏得了“有史以來的最强英雄”的頭銜。 Farzin繼續尋求權力,成為最強大的戰士並拯救世界。 傳說他擁有一支全副武装的军队,让Bondly宇宙中的恶魔充滿了恐惧。 除了出色的戰鬥能力,除了出色的戰鬥能力,法神還證明自己是戰場上的戰略大師。 他是所有英雄追隨的希望和正義的支柱。 頑強,聰明且廣受尊重,法神是迄今為止最好的公會大師。)

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