Future Historians: Reconstructing Reality

Stand outside of time.
Watch a world fall.
Reach in and grab the falling.
No hand is big enough.
Created by Sutu with music and sound design composed by Jake Steele (Tobacco Rat).

Future Historians is part 1 of a tryptych exploring perceptions of reality at a time when our natural world is experiencing unprecedented decline while our virtual worlds proliferate. There is an ongoing trend in the digital arts industry to create a simulacrum of our physical world by fabricating massive databases of off-the-shelf flora and fauna and physical artefacts and then replicating our laws of nature via complex physics engines. The holy grail being to pass a visual Turing test, where the virtual simulations are unparalleled to our physical world. Future Historians combines Sutu’s own 3d models with 3d stock assets and various animation FX to present a series of glitched-out virtual worlds that fall short of the physical realities their trying to mimic.

Collection: SuperRare

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