Gary in his Moment of Contemplation

**Gary in his Moment of Contemplation**

Relaxed but uncertain. Gary wonders if he is bound and tied or comfortably there of his own volition. The unlockable content includes a hi-res 4269×3910 pixel file of the image for download.


nude, landscape, male, man, water, reflections, fall, autumn, naked, animal, trees, bare, warm, horizontal, sitting, dock, moody, dusk, otter, twilight, alone, art, conceptual, dream, dusk, evening, human, lonely, bond, bondage, escape, seeking freedom, plastic, wrapped, lost, lake, pond, photo, photograph, scene, scenery, scenic, sunset, worn, wet, melancholy, sad, forlorn, thoughtful, photoshop, landscape, wooden, small, water, contemplation, moment, gary, comfortable, uncertain, bound, tied

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