Gorilla in a Pink Mask #5706

‘Gorilla in a Pink Mask’ has been split into 10,000 fractions, each of which is magnified x 40. The animated NFT shows the pixelated fraction along with the purity level of the colours and their rarity. It rotates to reveal the full artwork with crosshairs pinpointing the location of the fraction.

Rarity was calculated by an algorithm that took into account 128 colours. These were then reduced to the pixel intensity of the five key colours – pink, dark grey, light grey, ochre and sand.

Rarity is ranked from 1 – 100, with 1 being the rarest. They are grouped as follows:
Epic (16) | Super Rare (362) | Rare (1492) | Standard (8130)

The Gorilla Stamp represents the purity – fractions composed of just a single colour:
Gold (16) | Silver (31) | Bronze (44) | Black (9909)

Exposed Walls place no commercial value on these evaluations, rarity is based on colour only.

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