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Original acrylic on canvas, digitized. Part of the work made living in Shanghai, China as part of the “China Dream” series.
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(Purchasing this work will also include the original painting shipped to your door, by the artist.)
China’s Nouveau Rich
Fuerdai (Chinese: 富二代; pinyin: Fù’èrdài; literally: “rich
second generation”) is a Chinese term that refers to the children of the nouveau riche in China. This term, generally considered pejorative, is often invoked in the Chinese media and everyday discussions in mainland China, as it incorporates some of the social and moral problems that are associated with modern Chinese society. (taken from Wikipedia)
The country’s (China) breathtakingly rapid economic growth has lifted hundreds of millions into a strong middle class, whose members can often afford to send their children abroad and pay full college tuition. Upscale department stores like Bloomingdale’s have events aimed specifically at wooing the pocketbooks of Chinese students in the United States. Alipay has recently been seen in Europe, with Luxury European goods a prime spot for shopping with the massive Chinese population.
“Fuerdai are sons and daughters of the Chinese nouveau riche of the early years of China’s reform era from the late 1970s onward. During the new era, in which private initiative could be rewarded by wealth, many new rich Chinese emerged in the former-socialist Chinese society. While such wealthy individuals may have reached their new socioeconomic position either through their own initiative and efforts or by becoming powerful members of the ruling party, their children often enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and have a much easier and obstacle-free life path. Many wealthy Chinese send their children abroad for their education. This is especially true in the United States,
Europe, and parts of Canada, where it is very common to see well-off Chinese students attending universities driving expensive cars, and wearing brand name clothing and gadgets which have price tags that are out of reach for the vast majority of North American and European students. Universities look favorably upon this kind of international student, as they generate more revenue and tend to pay higher tuition fees. The term has also seen limited use a general label for anyone with rich parents and enjoyed a privileged upbringing as a result. Non-Chinese figures, such as Fidel Castro and Donald Trump, have been described by Chinese media as fuerdai.” (Extracted from Wikipedia)
I propose a new way of looking at the Fuerdai. What an amazing world we live in today, where this society can now thrive in freedom in ways never before imagined. Modern Chinese society is thriving like never before, and with the recent decline in Western economy, it is now Asia’s time to shine so to speak. In my time spent in China, the people I have met have touched my heart in many different ways. This young generation is powerful, intelligent and bold. In my paintings, I attempt to capture this new Era of China and celebrate the new found wealth of the society..
These paintings showcase the new Chinese generation today that will lead China and the rest of the world into the future. This isn’t traditional socialism, this is a new freedom. The paintings attempt to capture this new found joy, and everything in between.

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