Hotz House Founder Scroll

The Hotz House Scrolls are for the OG’s, the dreamers, the creators. Acting as a bridge that connects two worlds, the Hotz House goal is to provide a home for creators to explore and perfect their craft. A new stage for our creative existence to collaborate, explore and inspire.

All Hotz House Scrolls provide the each holder +1 guest unlimited access to any Hotz House event. As a collective, we are forever learning, exploring and evolving with the possibilities of using NFT Tokens as tools to improve our experience.

Our goal is that all future events will offer additional benefits to Hotz House Scroll holders in order to ensure ongoing value to our family members. (ex: Private Hotz Founders Night, Wearables, free NFT collectables, back stage passes, performance slots, vendor opportunities, miscellaneous educational seminars, etc).

Our journey began when Hotz House HQ was establish in Somnium Space Parcel #4088! Together, we shall paint our own canvas!

Join the Hotz House Family!

*Additional Hotz House Scrolls*

Hotz House VIP Scroll

Hotz House VIP Scroll holders have the ongoing ability to host / monetize monthly events utilizing and monetizing Hotz House locations and specified digital assets/services to execute.

Hotz House Lordship Scroll:

Holders have the ability to host / monetize monthly events utilizing Hotz House Locations and specified digital assets/services. Backstage admission (Direct involvement with management team / talent). Private web parcel for individual use. ​


*As the scroll says!*

“We Dost Say, Huzzah!

With a pride filled shout and a virtual fist bump, I am proud to announce the official opening of The Hotz House!

Thou who hold the Hotz House Founders Scroll, are to be granted entry to any Hotz House event from this day forward!

Created out of passion for music and people, The Hotz House mission is to provide a home for the creative mind to explore and perfect their craft for all to enjoy.

Live through creating, sharing, and inspiring.

Together, we shall party!



Keep doing what you love. HUZZAH!

Hotz Family

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