How to become a model?

1. Become aware of the modeling industry. Spend some time researching the different types of modelling, the top modelling agencies, and the modelling industry as a whole.

2. Put together a portfolio. A portfolio is the best way to get yourself noticed. Put together a portfolio of 8-10 photos that showcase your best looks. Make sure to include a head shot, several full body shots, alongside photos showing range and versatility.

3. Reach out to modelling agencies. Find the top modelling agencies and contact them to let them know about your interest in modelling and request a meeting.

4. Attend castings. Sign up for castings whenever and wherever you can, to get more experience and connect with agents.

5. Always stay professional. Show up for castings on time, maintain a positive attitude, and dress professionally. Make sure you read any instructions and if the instructions say to not wear make up, then wear none.

6. Network. Be sure to build relationships with agents, photographers, and other models, as these are important contacts to help grow your career.

7. Build an online presence. Maintaining an active presence on social media, as well as creating an account with a modelling website is important for getting your name out there.

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