How to lucid dream?

1. Set your intention. Before you go to bed, take a few moments to focus on the intention to lucid dream. Remind yourself that when you are dreaming, you will acknowledge your dream state and gain control of the experience.

2. Prepare for sleep. In the hour before bed, avoid screens, engage in calming activities such as meditation, and begin to think about your dream goals.

3. Look for dream signs. Throughout the day, be aware of your environment and what stands out to you. These dream signs may appear as symbols in your dreams, so when you recognize them, you can shift into a state of lucidity.

4. Try reality checks. Reality checks are simple tests you can do to check if you’re dreaming. Examples include looking at your hands, pushing your finger through a solid object, or looking at a clock and expecting the time to change after you look away.

5. Carry out dream commands. It might help to repeat a few dream commands to yourself before falling asleep such as “I will remember my dream” and “I will recognize that I am dreaming”.

6. Enter into a dream. When you’re ready to enter a dream state, visualize yourself navigating through your dream. Feel free to make up the dream scenario as you go along, and be aware of the state of your mind and body.

7. Remain in the dream. Once you’ve entered your dream state, focus on the different elements in the dream. Recognize any dream signs and interact with the dream in a creative and playful manner.

8. Practice mindfulness. As you become more aware that you’re dreaming, practice mindfulness. Pay attention to your surroundings and what’s happening in the dream.

9. Remind yourself to stay lucid. When in a lucid dream, you may forget that you’re dreaming. To help you stay conscious, give yourself reminders throughout the dream such as “I am dreaming” and “this is not reality”.

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