How to stop hiccups?

1. Suck on a Lemon: Sucking on a wedge of lemon or swallowing a spoonful of lemon juice may help to stop hiccups.

2. Hold Your Breath: Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 10-20 seconds (or until your hiccups stop). This will shock your diaphragm and interrupt the reflex that causes the hiccupping.

3. Drink Water: Drinking a large glass of water quickly may help to stop hiccups.

4. Breathe into a Paper Bag: Take a deep breath and then breathe into a paper bag for up to a minute. This will increase the amount of carbon dioxide around your face, which may help to relax your diaphragm.

5. Gargle With Ice Water: Gargling with ice water may help to curb hiccups by shocking your throat muscles.

6. Pull Your Tongue: Holding your tongue and slightly pulling it might help to stop the hiccups.

7. Drink From the Opposite Side of the Glass: Drinking from the opposite side of the glass from which you normally drink may help to stop hiccups.

8. Eat a Spoonful of Sugar: Eating a spoonful of white sugar may help to stop hiccups as the sweetness triggers a reflex in the throat.

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