Insects Awaken Niu Li

This is the first NFT work about Insects Awaken in the Chinese culture.Firstly,the subject of the picture is a solar term.Awakening of Insects is the third solar term among the 24 solar term,which marks the beginning of the mid-spring season.The ancients said that the insects hid in the soil in winter and didn’t drink or eat,which was called “hibernate”.When the first thunder of spring happened,dormant animals
woke up.So people call it “Awakening of Insects”.At this time every year,the weather gets warmer and everything comes to life.Secondly,the picture depicts a wonderful scene of nature.It depicts green plants and two insects. The picture is a wealth of details.For example,the leaves are covered with dew,because the weather in spring is wet.And one of the two insets is a ladybird.The other is a beetle.The two insects lie on the leaves and grass.They looks very energetic.The painter painted a beautiful ,full of natural scene of spring with delicate brush strokes.
This painting fits the theme of Awakening of Insects.The artist paint the activity state of insects,reflecting the revival of everything and the vibrant scene in spring.Thirdly,the painter’s palette is subdued.He mainly used green,such as light green and dark green and so on.The use of color in this picture is very perfect,delineating the state of plants.
The idea of the whole painting is also unique.Insects are on both sides of the painting,while plants occupy the most of the area.The layout is vivid but not rigid,and the picture is beautiful and doesn’t lose tension.In a word,this painting is elegant and beautiful and has Chinese characteristic.It conveys Chinese culture,making people intuitively know the story behind the Awakening of Insects.The solar term has vitality and full of vigour.

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