THE OWNER OF THIS TOKEN ON MAY 1, 2021 will get a 1/1 signed print on metal of this painting.

THE OWNER OF THIS TOKEN ON JUNE 1, 2021 will get the original painting.

Yes, the same person could claim both. Or someone can claim the print, then sell the token to someone else.

Original artwork by [Blake Jamieson]( Created in 2020 in Long Island City, NY. Spray paint and acrylic on canvas. 72 x 52 inches.

# Unlockable Content:
– BTS video and interview talking about creating the artwork
– Unreleased images documenting the creation process
– High-red jpg of color variations using same Ali stencil

## About [Blake Jamieson](
Blake Jamieson is a pop portrait artist in Brooklyn, NY. A pop portrait artist for professional athletes, Blake has worked with over 400 athletes in the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, MLS, and PLL. Blake is also a licensed artist for [Topps](, and at the time of this minting, working on his third Topps set ([Topps Project70](

Knockout by Blake Jamieson is part of the first-ever [round21](  Game Room Gallery within the inaugural digital art event [Meta_VS](  The round21 Game Room Gallery includes (9) nine leading artists that showcase powerful stories from the world of sport transcending the physical artwork into the digital metaverse. See the round21 Game Room gallery collection from April 5th to May 1st {here](,143S).

## About [round21](
uses sport as a canvas for art to empower those who live a sports lifestyle.  round21 sports products are designed for play in real life and throughout digital worlds all designed in partnership with the round21 creator community.  The first-ever round21 Game Room Gallery opens April 5th – May 9th and is a showcase of work illustrating powerful moments in sports and are created by the round21 creator community of athletes, artists and people who play.

## About [Meta_VS](
On April 5 -10, 2021 the traditional contemporary art world collides with the emerging blockchain art community for a group exhibition across the metaverse. META_VS aims
to inspire a new generation of collectors and art enthusiasts to explore limitless possibilities and offers the opportunity to purchase rare digital art backed by NFTs and the blockchain.

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