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For this piece I was after quite possibly the RAREST ink known to man. It was the ink of the gods! The only way to get it was to go to heaven. I dosed myself with a poison that would stop my heart for exactly 10 minutes. I started to feel tired, I laid down and felt a feeling of peace and enlightenment. I closed my eyes. Suddenly it started to get really hot I thought it might have been summer in heaven until the ground opened up with flames! I was pulled down to hell! (Apparently killing hookers in Tijuana is a sin) the devil greeted me. He talked my ear off for about 8 minutes about how my soul now belongs to him, then he said it was time for him to book my place in hell for eternity. He pulled out his pen. The ink. I had never seen it before. It was beautiful. I had to have it. He took me to the Mandingo rape dungeon where I would spend the first 500 years. The well endowed demons surrounded me. “Any last words?” said the devil “yeah see you in 2023 when I overdose on cocaine” I spun the devils jaw knocking him clean out! He was snoring on the ground I swear one of the demons yelled “Worldstar” the 10 minutes was up I was able to run the devils pockets and get the rare pen before I was brought back to life.

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