Lionel Messi: “Man Of The Past”

It was the end of an era – and the start of a new one. Messi’s late-breaking move to a new team took the world by surprise and the fans by storm. Ethernity cements his legacy in one historic surprise offering. Buyers of ‘Man From Tomorrow’ get the world’s first collectible with the legendary Lionel Messi in his new Number 30 with the Artist envisioning a soccer star of tomorrow in AI bionic form. From the Artist: “We have followed his past, we are with him in the present and I’m certain when the world is mimicked by AI we will see him in the cyber football leagues of tomorrow.” This look at the future of football brings with it a surprise additional NFT that only buyers of this rarified piece can claim. The fast paced nature of international football took hold with Ethernity being able to produce this epic pair in time for release, and just in time for collectors to claim.

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