Lonely Santa Claus

This creation is a Christmas Art I made for 2020 Christmas. Instead of making a typical joyful and festive-ish Christmas art, I used a slightly different perspective to show that everyone deserves love and care, including the Generous Giver, Santa Claus. Do not neglect anyone, it feels truly awful to be neglected.

Usually, most people ask for gifts from Santa Claus, but there’s not much people asking what does Santa Claus want for Christmas.
This creation is about a lonely Santa Claus after working hour, feeling exhausted & drinking wine alone on a bench, while everyone is at home celebrating with their loved one. There’s a phrase from WKW’s film ‘Ashes of Time’ (1994), ‘The more wine you drink, the warmer you’ll get’, the wine is the only thing that keeps this lonely Santa warm in the snowy winter.

The portrayal of Santa Claus is often a cheerful and generous man, the unconditional giving shown by Santa Claus is priceless. But, keep in mind that people who look happy outside, might not be really happy on the inside. We should always remind ourselves that we shouldn’t be just a ‘taker’, we should always be grateful for what we have & do something in return. Even the ‘giver’ like Santa Claus, needs some love & care, too. With more love & care, the smile people have on the outside will soon match how they feel on the inside.

Although Santa Claus is a fictional character, but we all have that ‘Santa Claus’ in our real life, it could be our parents, our siblings, our family, our friends or someone else. Appreciate for what they have given to you and give them something in return… The gift is not necessarily/literally a ‘gift’, it’s the love, care and kindness. ❤️ Don’t just take, GIVE.

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