Mitz, the Cat’s Treasure

Mitz, the Cat’s Treasure

Some time ago, a young black kitten appeared on the doorstep of your home, in a basket, snuggled up on a pair of mittens. He was surrounded by pouches of ethereum and a letter which read:

“Please take care of my young kitten Mitz, I will return for him in the future.

See these pouches of ethereum as payment to you. I hope this suffices!

p.s he’s attracted to the bright blue color of eth, so be warned, your eth might go missing and end up somewhere else.”

You looked around the empty and eerie streets, searching for any signs of visitors and saw no one. You took the basket in and slowly closed the door behind you.

A few years passed, the kitten grew up fast, but yet, there were no signs of this elusive and mysterious person who left you this bundle of joy.

In the time you spent with Mitz you discovered that your furry companion is not an ordinary pet, but a magical cat who possesses unique abilities.

Across the years and many adventures you both endured, Mitz’s abilities soon shone. Along the way, treasures appeared out of nowhere – one of them being Ethereum.

Collection: Mitzsuki

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