Momentum #74

A day that starts with a smile will undoubtedly be successful. But what if we combine your good mood with a flight of imagination?
Inspired by nature this composition celebrates its matchless beauty and unsurpassed variety: a blue sea, dark deep ocean, flying eagle against the cloudy sky, glaring snow on the top of the huge mountain, a gorgeous sunset at the beach, metals and precious gemstones hidden deep in the ground, cold winter landscape, a predator chasing its prey, a tiny rock on the path, a base of the hill covered with flowers, the wind in the leaves of the trees, an animal ready to jump, an exotic plant, mamba lurking in the shade, warm summer rain and a miracle of the rainbow. Filled with light, saturated with colors, and full of expression, this composition is perfect for meditation.

This digital art was created for our mesmerizing Momentum collection of diverse art that reflects our perception of movement, motion, time and momentum.
Look at this short vivid video. On one hand, this moving object is a colourful abstraction. But are you perfectly sure that the only aim of this picture is to show you an ordinary thing?

In reality, every creation of minimalism can tell people more than a large painting with enormous quantity of details. You can check it in the whole chapter of our website, dedicated to a deep sense of simplicity.
Human eyes can see only the main thing, but then images invade minds and souls. It makes viewers think and argue about the subject. Such a struggle has a very precious dignity. It can never have a winner – all people are right in their own way. But at the same time we need to decide which side to choose.

Anyway, no one should influence your own perception of this little video and the world itself. Despite all misfortunes stay free and powerful. Your destiny and life belong to you and no one else. The more independent you remain the more forces you’ll be able to find. They are hidden in the depth of your heart waiting for your voice. They are in you. Move like this abstraction and remember – you are unique. You are important.
ArtKnights is a group of artists that uses modern advanced tools and new digital mediums to create contemporary abstract art.
Our dream is to create art that is high quality, personal and interactive.
So, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.
We all come from different backgrounds and take our inspiration in different things: nature, science, animals, sports, comics, religion, neo punks, universe and life itself. We call different parts of the world our home. We respect each other’s race, country or tribe and mentality that comes with it. Our interests also vary. Some are interested in: animation, movies, cartoons, ghost stories, playing games, camping, having a great bottle of wine or a glass of champagne (or maybe even smoking a sigarette) with close friends while sitting in the shadow of trees in the wood on a sunny day, architecture, waves on the ocean, engineering, dinosaurs (and even scary monsters, horror stories and unreal beasts), supersonic aircrafts, jets, painting, sculpture, home decor, pyramids of Egypt, superrare guns, nba, mobile cell phones and other gadgets, science. Others are focused on: hacker activity, office comfort and furniture and carpets, yoga, bicycle and other physical activity, sound systems, TV shows, radio interviews.
As artists with great imagination, we’d like to present to the world our view of how things like hell and paradise, angels and devil could look like.
We are a group of likeminded people who had absolutely different stories, backgrounds and hobbies: some loved photography, they loved shooting different scenes including lightning, houses, landscape, construction sites, old buildings and crowded streets and empty cross roads, wooden ornaments, cup of coffee with a strawberry ice cream on top and a cherry or an apple syrup, dark forest crowded with animals, plants, spiders, bugs and other insects, astronomical events, automobiles, nuclear submarines and atomic vessels and even fractals (even a simple butterfly or a caterpillar can become an object we admire). They were always amazed by how just one finger push of a button can store a moment in life forever in digital form because these bits and bytes of information will literally live forever being minted into existence and then mined by the miners and stored on the nodes of the blockchain in form of time frozen atoms and electrons. Others liked things like glyphs and secret ancient symbols and at the same time interesting in things like quantum computers, burning stars in space, supermassive black holes, wormholes, spinning earth and Luna orbit, UFO, space stations, satellites, asteroids, comets, quasars and potential continuum portals, time machine and time travel possibility, dragons, mermaids, sirens, zombies, water nymphs, alien spaceships and …

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