My Footsteps 4

I’ve traveled and painted these graffiti pieces on the walls in different countries different year.

From the top right clockwise

Blue wave hair Mimi.. Yaizu Shizuoka Japan 2021 March

Rasta color hat Teddy bear.. Yaizu Shizuoka Japan 2008 January

Red wine cerebration Mimi.. Crailsheim Germany 2020 October

3 cats around fish tank-Shiro name piece.. Brooklyn NYC USA 2018 December

African rapper Mimi.. “La Belle Hip Hop” Brussels Belgium 2020 March

Handstanding B-girl Mimi.. Stuttgart Germany 2019 July

A guy in the office.. Waiblingen Germany 2019 July

Wonder woman Mimi.. Stuttgart Germany 2020 November

Blue lady liberty Mimi.. Stuttgart Germany 2020 November

Mimi cat.. August Martin High School Queens NYC USA 2015 May

Yellow star hat Mimi.. “Jersey Fresh” Graffiti festival New Jersey USA 2013 June

Pink snail & bird.. Manhattan NYC USA 2014 September

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