Our Black is Beautiful 1st Edition

Our Black is Beautiful is a series where I wanted to show appreciation for my people and capture that beautiful inviting energy that we exude.

Black is Beautiful is a movement that emerged in the 1960s representing a shift towards Afrocentric pride and away from Eurocentric conformity. That single phrase “Black is Beautiful” was the backbone and core of the Black Power movement, that single line birthed “Black girl magic” and “Black boy joy”, giving millions of black people the courage and examples to love and express themselves fully in a way they couldn’t have imagined at first, thanks to “Black is Beautiful” a lot of us are today loving ourselves and culture out loud showing everyone that we are proud to be black.

Original Size of this piece is 4000x8000px

What you are looking at is the low res version the high res will be sent to you upon purchase.

DM me on Twitter @Nickcsefar or Instagram @constantineslens for questions and inquiries.

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