PP_F_018_1 is part of an ongoing series started in 2015 focusing on the heritage of landscape painting, and more broadly a reflection on man’s tradition of representing nature.
Drawing from Impressionism, Quayola pursues a methodic observation of natural patterns using advanced technological apparatuses.
The results of his research are ephemeral algorithmic compositions blending opposite realms: nature and technology, representation and abstraction, and ultimately human and machine. Quayola suggests a new understanding of the natural world, achieved through the collaboration with technology.

For PP_F_018_1, inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh, Quayola has returned to the same countryside of Provence some 130 years later to capture some of the same iconic natural compositions.
The resulting computational paintings are generated by the analysis of ultra-high-definition videos. Employing custom software, the source videos are transformed into algorithmic animations resembling real paint, while simultaneously exploring new digital aesthetics.

— The winner of the NFT auction will receive a custom archival box with physical certificates, documentation material, a print and an SD card with a 4k version of the work.
A professional video player with the work will also be included. —

In collaboration with bitforms gallery.

Verisart Certified: https://verisart.com/works/1ac36c73-45a1-41e3-bf57-fa1761d4825a

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