#RESIST with @im_manderson NFT

(Mar 22, 2021) Today is day #19 of the resistance movement. Y’all want us to win and are signaling a groundswell of support that is being noticed across #DeFi: #1 dapp on @gitcoin grant round 9 with 1047 altruistic contributors and a total of $48,247 raised. And the resistance collection’s flagship NFT “Chad Resist” just re-sold for … 100 ETH!

We add to all this excitement by welcoming #DeFi homie @im_manderson of @hiframework to join us as Superheroes. Starting in Discord since week 1, they were swept away by all our passion, & also loved our #BFS framework (hah), throwing their support behind us all! #RESIST

This NFT is a time capsule and a pure symbol of faith. No incentives or tokens are attached.

Collection: The Resistance Collection

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