Save Thousands of Lives

We will use the proceeds from the sale of this NFT to save lives.
We estimate that with each $1,235 raised by selling it, we can save
one life (and improve several more).

At Noora Health, we train patients’ families to take care of them
after they leave the hospital. We work primarily with new mothers
and their families in South Asia, where we are running programs in
165 hospitals. The data we’ve collected since October 2018 suggests
we can save 9 babies per 1000 live births, at a cost of $1,235 per
life saved.

That number was calculated by taking our total budget for delivering
this program in 2019, including all R&D and overhead costs, and
dividing it by the estimated number of lives saved that year. Though
not based on a randomized controlled trial (which would not be appropriate
in our case), this estimate comes from a study that collected data
from 133,733 families in 28 hospitals across diverse geographies
before and after our program was implemented. There were comparable
groups in both arms of the study, and it was adjusted for cluster
effect of each site.

This research was conducted in collaboration with the Better Birth
team at Ariadne Labs, a joint center for health systems innovation
at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard T.H. Chan
School of Public Health. Details of this study, and additional
research on our work can be found in this folder:

100% of the proceeds from this NFT will be used to run our program.
At the end of every year, until the funds are exhausted, we will
publish a report on our site explaining in detail how we spent the
money and how many lives you helped us save.

If you like, we will list you as a donor on our website and in our
reports. If you prefer to stay anonymous, we are OK with that too.


“Noora’s product and services work upstream and fundamentally upgrade
the way healthcare is delivered, taking the most compassionate
resource available at the point of care, and leveraging this to
save and improve lives.”

— Dr. Rebecca Weintraub Assistant Professor, Department of Global
Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate
Physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital



• What do you own if you buy this NFT?

You will own the knowledge that the money you spent to buy it saved
lives, and proof that you were the one who paid for this project.

We don’t anticipate that this NFT would ever be resold, since in
that case it would lose its meaning, but rather that it would be
passed down to one’s heirs, or given as a gift to a loved one.

• Is it ethical to sell an NFT representing lives saved?

We asked ourselves if it was ethical to put a price on a digital
token associated with saving and improving lives, and it seemed to
us that if we could raise money to save more lives this way, it
would be unethical not to. In practice, it seemed no different from
other fundraising efforts. Needless to say, we could never put a
price on life, nor is this an attempt to; but by being precise about
the costs of our work, we hope to highlight the potential impact
one can have by donating money to efforts of this type. We also
hope this unlocks a new approach to fundraising for other organizations
doing amazing work and potential donors who otherwise might not
hear about them.

• What about the environmental costs?

We plan to make a significant carbon offset to mitigate the
environmental impact of this NFT. Within one week of the closing
of this auction we will update this page with details of the steps
we took.


This NFT does not imply ownership of anything related to Noora
Health including, but not limited to, our intellectual property,
assets, or work. Nor obviously, does it represent ownership of life
or the patients or families we serve.

We are very grateful to the Opensea team for waiving their fee.

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