Silver Lion Club Issues #35-47

Welcome to the Silver Lion Club!

To set up your Discord role, monitor your subscription status and customize your avatar and username.

-Subscription period:
Issue 35 – Issue 47 / Week 19 – Week 31

By buying this NFT you are being subscribed to the REDLIONEYE GAZETTE for 13 weeks (~3 months!) from the time of purchase. Subscription starts on the subsequent week from the time of purchase (issue #35 week 19 2021 will be your first issue)

Silver Lion Club:
-13 Issues of REDLIONEYE GAZETTE (1 per week)
-13 Exclusive NFT Artdrops by renowned cryptoartists
-NO weekly GAS fees


-ALL sales are final
-The subscription activates for the next issue # from the time of purchase.
-Reselling Subscriptions is discouraged, hence the high royalties. The buyer will only receive the remaining weeks on the subscription. DONT buy subscriptions on secondary especially if priced more than the original price. If you do, make sure you know how many issues left in the particular subscription that you buy.
-ONLY buy subscriptions from this link:
Or make sure that the subscription you are buying its the same contract: 0x4813c06eb9919db20634c431565d6b88f35501ff
-Please keep on top of your subscription and monitor the expiration, NEW subscription waves will be available 1 week before expirations


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