Smokie: Multiverse Maker

“Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it.”
Help build the multiverse by creating items that will be able to travel through multiple gaming worlds.
Help us create the ultimate multiverse character, vehicle, weapon, or accessory that will become a part of blockchain gaming history.
Design a compelling item by choosing an item name, description, and copyright free image and then post it on Twitter. Make sure to tag @egamersio, @EnjinMvB, and @Enjin along with the hashtag #GlobalGuerillas.
Next, copy the address of the tweet and register your entry at for your chance to win.
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*Smokie’s Backstory*
It was a joy to live in the headquarters of Multiverse Brotherhood (MvB). The perfect society formed upon the principles of community-driven decentralized governance. Every citizen could vote on every policy, which lead to the highest levels of education possible. Every decision was made by all, and thus benefited everyone equally. You know what they say, millions of minds are better than one.
The Global Guerillas (GG) had become part of the MvB family and were working tirelessly to end to the chaos created by devolved armies filled with greed, lust, and ego. The founding of the multiverse was a massive breakthrough that provided unthinkable opportunities to all living creatures. But, every coin has two sides and with every great opportunity, great tragedies must be overcome.
The Guerillas could now move from realm to realm, explore uncharted galaxies, and discover species beyond the limits of imagination. Yet, these were the same principles their enemies had been abusing for years before them. Hoarding resources, amassing power. The Guerrillas’ advanced technology was able to monitor activity thousands of galaxies away, but the multiverse, being infinite, was impossible to traverse.
A cold night in winter, an alien object that looked like a star surrounded by a thick layer of purple noxious gas appeared in the sky, hurtling towards them, avoiding the detection of the galaxy’s most advanced tracking technology. The Multiverse Brotherhood and the Global Guerillas’ worst fears had come to pay them an impolite visit.
“Code Red! Code Red!“
The Sirens of war screamed loudly. MvB and GG prepared to defend their interplanetary headquarters from the unknown object. Unbreachable shields instantly covered the 200 Million km² of MvB territory, protecting the whole planet and its inhabitants.
Laser beams with the power of destroying whole planets and magnetic field disruptors were activated as the defender’s invisible ships took off from the base.
As the alien object hurtled towards the planet, HQ attempted to contact it without luck.
Then suddenly, it stopped dead in its tracks.
Without explanation, the alien object locked in place remained silent and unmovable for 48 hours.
Suspended in disbelief, the Global Guerillas, assigned Smokie the Multiverse Maker to find a solution. The brilliant engineer, named after his passion for smoking, set out to analyze the gas surrounding the unknown alien object to understand how the allies could eliminate the threat before it reawoke.
With an invisible drone, designed for exploration and research, Smokie attempted to collect a sample from the surrounding area but failed. The drone seemed to switch off instantly, upon approaching the mysterious cloud. It seems GG technology wasn’t that advanced as after all.
Then, using a sophisticated gas vacuum machine developed for recreational purposes, Smokie, from a huge distance, successfully managed to absorb a tiny sample of the star’s gas without having to send active machines near it.
As the analysis commenced, no one in the entire MvB realm had seen particles with such a complex molecular structure before. They sent digital fingerprints of the substance to all corners of the galaxy. None of their allies had the slightest inkling of what it could be. Half of its atoms were completely unidentifiable using existing metrics.
Right when the MvB’s leadership were starting to believe that Smokie’s experiments were a dead end, a huge portal spawned above the planet, 9 gas ridden stars creeped out of the wormholes and into MvB territory.
A telepathic message began ringing through every allied inhabitant’s head. It got louder and louder till they thought their ears would burst, that’s how they realized it wasn’t coming through their ears. The message was clear. Their planet was a hostage and the invaders demanded every last molecule of Enjinite, the multiverse’s most rare and valuable substance.
The voice …

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