Spicy Curry Ice Cream with Döner Kebab Topping NFT

This original Visual Toy belongs to the collection of six Visual Toys entitled “Cyber ​​Fast Food” being this, “Spicy Curry Ice Cream with Döner Kebab” Topping the jewel of the collection.
Dedicated to the contemporary success of this fast food of Turkish origin and very common in the Middle East, this work, made from the European prism of the artist and his memories of the arrival of this food, once again calls into question the concept of the new, which The artist works both on his work, by presenting this fast food as well as those jewels, products, treasures and alchems that came from the East in the XII century. The fascination for things from other places, from other cultures and how this merges with the culture that receives it. Is that something new?

As the total of the collection, this work represents a reconstruction of the new most popular cultural icons, the culinary ones, successful children of globalization above almost all other identity cultural expressions. Its resignification, innovation, reinvention, fusion, fame and how this happens in an infinite loop, is nothing more than the pure human being in search of the new, the unknown, its acceptance and finally its transformation. One of the most solid bases of creativity and the human being as such.

And finally as Visual Toy always invites us to imagine, to venture into the use, taste or function of this surreal construction object.

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