Stella Artois – Art + Stella Artois Skin + Filly Z9, Cyclamen + Name: Soir

This Stella Artois NFT art piece is inspired by Stella Artois’ timeless brand. It also marks Stella Artois’ first steps into the Metaverse with ZED RUN.

This beautiful art piece comes with a Z9 Buterin Genesis racehorse as well as a Limited Edition Series One Stella Artois racehorse skin. The Z9 Buterin is one of the purest thoroughbreds to exist on ZED RUN. These racehorses are natural born champions of the racetrack.

Stella Artois and ZED RUN have come together to bring Stella Artois into the Metaverse. These NFT pieces commemorate these first steps as well as celebrating the best part of the UK’s horse racing season.

Must be holding this NFT at a future date to receive their NFT racehorse and skin.

Collection: Stella Artois – Racing in THE LIFE ARTOIS

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