@swaelee fan art

For this piece my travels took me to Africa where I heard stories off a very rare beehive that produced ink instead of honey. The hive was located in the ugandian rainforest and I didn’t know my way around so I hired a veteran guide that went by the name of mukasa, he was a sweet old man he had been doing tours for 80 years so he was very experienced! It was a 8 week trek to the hive and upon arrival I was shocked they weren’t normal bees they were africanised bees! They were all 6’5 and played soccer! We waited for nightfall to sneak into the hive, we successfully got the ink from the queens chamber when suddenly I got a phone call and my phone wasn’t on silent! The bees were alerted we started running for our lives! For a 98 year old man mukasa could haul ass! He started to overtake me! My foot accidentally clipped his and he feel over, it was too late I couldn’t turn back for him the bees kicked off his head it was horrible! I only just made it out of the hive with my life thanks to musaka! I scurried away into the night and trekked back to mukasa village where I spent the next 3 years completing this fan art. There was a happy ending to this story tho! I married mukasa wife and we ended up having 16 kids.

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