‘Take Me To The Moon’

A self-portrait on Iceland’s infamous volcano, painted from life – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_HnqNRnlEI

The volcano was hot and dangerous. Having almost been gassed and sweating relentlessly, I wrote on the painting, ” ÞETTA REDDAST”. It is an Icelandic saying translating to, “Everything’s going to be alright”.

When I one day get to the moon, set up the easel, and start painting; rubbing into the paint the dust from which I’m standing on, having brought it back down the earth… over my dead body will I be making it an NFT.

That being said this is the only and final NFT I make, representing the mission I am undertaking to get to the moon and what I am willing to do to be the first artist on the moon.

This painting is to encourage people not to be shy of dreaming big and shoot for the stars (quite literally)

‘Take Me To The Moon’

Collection: Max Denison Pender – ‘Take Me To The Moon’

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