TAURUS- Keeper of the Emerald Star

Taurus is the custodian of the emerald light of knowledge. She symbolizes the dual relationship between mind energy and matter energy. The eye of the cosmic Bull pours light upon the earth, giving us the opportunity to open our own cosmic eye, whose divine vision transforms abstract ideas into physical form. Taurus is a master manifestor. She sets her intentions in the astral plane, and with determination and focus, materializes them in the physical plane.

If you are feeling creatively or financially stuck, use the energy of Taurus’s emerald star to strengthen your connection to the divine by opening your heart and mind to the abundance that is ever-present and always available for you to receive, should you only choose to accept these gifts from the universe.

Taurus offers the uplifting of human awareness; of recognizing that compassion and steadfast creativity is necessary to support productive humanitarian growth. Don’t give up. Push through your doubts and remain determined- your desires are within your reach!

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