The Crimson Dagger NFT

Made for The Nidean Legacy

“The Crimson Daggers are a loosely-affiliated group of mercenaries, united by their admiration for their idol Verdun and for a branch of his philosophy: that mastery of combat is the highest art. When a man declares himself a Dagger, he drops his Clade name – forsaking the values of his house – and assumes the name of his favored weapon. There are known to be many Daggers out in the world, among them Joll the Glaive, Volon the Broad, and Mysander the Bastard, who were last seen harassing the enemies of Sensburg.”

The idea of the Crimson Daggers was inspired by my real-world experience of studying digital painting with an online group of digital artists who go by the same name. That group of artists taught me the importance of study and mastery, and are ultimately the reason I am where I am today.

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