The Soul of Man Under Late Capitalism 65

An ongoing series of experiments with generative code art combined with occasional photomanipulation, collage and subtle and not-too-subtle political messaging. A homage to some of my early influences – the Constructivists and Suprematists (as well as the “grunge design/Swiss grit” aesthetics of the 1990s) who pioneered a new, minimal, angular form of art and communication at the beginning of the 20th century in aid of new ways of living, working and organising society. I’ve given these influences a modern, glitchy and digital twist while still attempting to stay true to the original aesthetic. Some of the hopes and dreams pioneered by this art are still the hopes and dreams of millions of us, over 100 years later. I aim to keep that aesthetic and hope of a new life alive, however futile that may be.

A love letter to a dream that died and to a future we could have.

Collection: The Soul of Man Under Late Capitalism

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